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... mum who is a complete <span class='highlight'>beginner</span> began riding him and rode ...  ... happy to plod along with <span class='highlight'>beginner</span> riders aboard but happy to ...

"Donkey" - Thoroughbred Gelding (Bay)

  • Age: 9y
  • Height: 16h
  • QLD
  • $4,000

Beautiful natured gelding! safe horse! donkey, or donk is a rising 10 year old tb gelding who is looking for his new home due to time constraints and starting a young horse! i have owned donk for many years and he has always been a pleasure to keep around hence being a paddock pony for a while! i stopped riding him for two years whilst in year 12 then uni, he was no drama to pull out of the paddock for the occasional ride! my mum who is a complete beginner began riding him and rode him walk and trot happily every few weeks, he is very happy to plod along with beginner riders aboard but happy to get up and going with the more experienced rider. donk has beautiful flat work working in a frame walk, trot and canter and has been eager to jump whenever i have set up some small poles. i have taken donk to different places such as southport indoor arena, tom rose park, local arena and down to the main shops on main roads and never had a problem with spooking or getting hot! donk is easy to lunge, clip, shoe, wash and float! he is currently barefoot and copes fine, he is good with dogs, sheep, llamas, quad bikes and cars. he self loads on the float and is happy to stay tied up for hours. super great after a spell a short lunge if you wish or get on straight away i have never had any problems, never bucked or bolted on me or shown any nastiness. donk is currently being brought into work as of the 26/6. priced to sell at $4000 slightly neg! a true quiet tb who is great on the roads and safe for competent beginner up! only vice is he does windsuck however is controlled by collar which will come with him! located northern end of the gold coast video footage available on request

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... to teach an 11 yro <span class='highlight'>beginner</span> how to ride. we have ...

"Cariad Park Audacity " - Welsh Gelding (Bay)

  • Age: 12y
  • Height: 14h
  • QLD
  • $8,000

Beautiful large pony for sale: cariad park audacity i’ve finally realised that my legs are too long and i’ve grown too big for my best friend. so, i’m offering my 12 yro, registered 13.3 5/8hh welsh x riding pony gelding for sale to only the best of homes. andy has been my baby for almost 6 years now, and in that time, we’ve done just about everything – from pony club to trail riding, cow work, sporting, show jumping, dressage and hacking. however, due to my studies he has had a lot of time off over the past two years (but is currently in work). he is easy to catch, clip, trim, float, tie up and handle. his ground manners are impeccable and he self loads and unloads on the float. he has recently been used to teach an 11 yro beginner how to ride. we have collection established in three elastic paces, with extendeds, shoulder in, travers, ronver, leg yield, half pass (in walk and trot), turns on the forehand and haunches and counter canter comfortably established and we are currently working on our flying changes. andy has done a fair amount of show jumping and has a clean, honest jump (he always saves my butt) training up to 1.05m at home, and competing up to 0.95m out. he has also free jumped 1.2m without batting an eyelid. we haven’t done a lot of jumping work over the last year due to time constraints and the resulting lack of fitness. he’s great to ride out by himself or in large groups (we’ve done organised trail rides with 100+ horses), and is never pushy to lead or take off to follow the group. he can be led from another horse, or lead other horses, open gates and be trusted to behave with young riders. we also love the beach and every opportunity to go swimming! with a look at me presence, super quiet demeanour and lots of sass, we always come away from every event with ribbons and placings – and he just loves being out and about. he does suffer from queensland itch, but we’ve always found this very easy to prevent by rugging. i’m looking for a capable and confident young rider who will love my best friend just as i have. they need to be disciplined as he is very smart and will test his rider; but also gentle as he is very responsive with a soft mouth and good education. comes with all his rugs and tack. located gatton. please contact me after hours on my mobile 0499174804.

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