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... placid, quiet confidence booster / <span class='highlight'>beginners</span> <span class='highlight'>horse</span> belle: sweet, very placid, ...

"Belle" - Thoroughbred Mare (Black)

  • Age: 5y
  • Height: 15h
  • QLD
  • $3,000

Belle: sweet, very placid, quiet confidence booster / beginners horse belle: sweet, very placid, quiet confidence booster / beginners horse for sale: $3000belles's videos:taken sunday: 08 / 07 / belle, mounting & dismounting unheld, large open belle's gorgeous slow comfortable trot, loose rein, large open belle, showing how she winds down and stands when a rider loses belle's amazing easy soft comfortable canter, loose rein large open belle ridden at liberty, no gear, large open belle ridden out & about halter & lead bareback.belle comes with:~ full money back lifetime certificate of guarantee.~ lifetime re selling credit.~ professional support, tutoring &training courses tailor made to buyers needs.professional assessment: belle has a very placid, disciplined and sweet disposition. she stands where you place her, and stays there until invited to move.the perfect horse to teach beginners to ride on, she is so calm, laid back, compliant and sweet.she slowly winds down and stands still if a rider loses their balance, is tolerant of beginners flapping around on her,she knows her job and completes tasks with no great to handle and ride in every way. can ride everywhere halter and lead bareback,at liberty with no gear, and with full gear.she is extremely well educated. and has the sweetest temperament and attitude.she loves people and follows people around. adores interacting and just hanging out.very friendly and gentle with other horses also.gorgeous mover.professional valuation: $10,000, (so a bargain at $3000).rider suitability:perfect for nervous riders or for teaching beginners or the whole family to ride on.colour: black sex: marewhite markings: large white star, stripe & snip. height: 15.3hh approx age: turns 5yo on 01/08/2018vices: vice free.soundness: soundconformation: gorgeous, correct.washing: experienced and enjoys a wash. grooming: great, laid back, placid, goes to sleep, sensible.transporting: loads, travels and unloads quietly and gently. very quiet and very experienced traveller. tying up: perfect, very experienced, including cross ties and general.catching: perfect, comes to you and follows you around, loves people, interacting and hanging out. handling hooves, shoeing & trimming: very experienced, fine barefoot or shoed, currently shoed. lungeing: very experienced and good but does not require lungeing prior to working, just jump on and go.does not need to be kept in regular work or to be lunged prior to riding to remain quiet to ride.can leave unridden for as long as you like and then just jump on and ride. worming: perfect. no fuss. rugging: very good, no need for halter. no fuss. around dogs & other animals: non spooky and experienced around cattle, dogs, sheep, goats, turkeys, wallabies & kangaroos, rabbits, large birds etc, awesome, very placid, been there done that unflappable horse.around noisy machinery & trucks: highly experienced, very placid, laid back & quiet.saddling & bridling up: sweet and quiet, loves being ridden, helpful and quiet putting gear on.various riders: has been ridden by many, many different riders of various abilities & ages easily and very quiet to ride. longterm reputation for being a very placid, quiet riding horse. mounting & dismounting: amazing, stands still, stands where you place her, no need to hold. see video mounting and dismounting. riding on a loose rein: excellent, happy to quietly float along slowly and softly,gentle, comfortable paces, can ride all paces on loose rein easily.also great loose halter and lead bitless, and can also be ridden at liberty. riding on a tight rein: experienced being ridden on a tight rein with contact also. lovely and soft, gentle & easy to manage. riding on the bit: experienced being ridden on the bit. lovely and soft. rider moving around in the saddle: experienced, great. leading & handling: very placid, soft, quiet, sensible, steady and sweet, very non spooky. dressage: foundational, balanced in all paces. trail, farm & road riding out: awesome, very non spooky & placid, can ride in a halter & lead bitless out, very sweet, soft, gentle & quiet.riding bareback halter & lead: as good as in full gear. soft & gentle. sweet, placid and calm, easy to manage, can trail, farm & road ride etc halter & lead bareback. riding in groups: very good, non reactive to other horses going past her fast, very sensible. riding on own: great, very non spooky. paddocking in groups: experienced, good, friendly. stabling: experienced. good on own: experienced. good. hyped competition settings: experienced, good. breed: purebred thoroughbred. registered: yes registered with the asb. branded / microchipped: yes. dna type recorded from birth: yes location: south east qld.e: freedomequine@hotmail.comtext: 0434 372 690

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... white overo gelding. registered paint <span class='highlight'>horse</span> with great breeding. he is ...  ... bomb proof! have taught many <span class='highlight'>beginners</span> to ride on this <span class='highlight'>horse</span> ...

"Mitchel" - All Rounders Gelding (Coloured)

  • Age: 0y
  • Height: 0h
  • NSW
  • $50

For lease for leaseonce in a lifetime opportunity! mitchel is a 15.2hh black and white overo gelding. registered paint horse with great breeding. he is 11yrs old and is the perfect allrounder. he has done it all, jumps, sports, pony club, western pleasure, camp drafting, reining, etc etc. absolutley bomb proof! have taught many beginners to ride on this horse including kids as young as 1 years old sitting up on his back, his a really laid back slow and steady western horse. just lope around the paddock on a loose rein, or put an experienced rider on him and get him to pick up the pace. a real gentleman with a rocking horse canter, you can just fall asleep on him. you can stand on his back, slide off his rump, walk between his legs. absolutley no faults other than he doesn't really like the dentist, but who does? no buck, bolt, rear, kick, bite. absolutley nothing. have owned this horse for 4 years and never had an issue, have competed on him and placed and won a lot. a really rare opportunity to lease a one in a million horse. a one in a million horse!! hence why i cannot sell him. i am offering him up for lease as i am working and studying at university, so i do not have the time for him. i am planning to study abroad so am looking for a long term lease with a trustworthy and loving family.mitchell has been with me for 5 years now, he has done it all! pony club, ompetitions in western, reining, dressage, lead, hack, etc. you name it, he has done it. been trail riding on the beach, ridden in traffic, has worked with cattle. nothing phases this horse. he will do anything you ask and he will do it well. he is a gentle giant, loves smooches, and loves a nice slow relaxing ride. he is great to shoe, clip, float, rug, worm, etc. he holds his condition well, you basically dont have to feed him and he will still be fat! he is great for any rider, beginner to advanced. wherever you go he will catch everyones eyes, won a lot of stuff on this boy.looking for an experienced home only, must be well knowledged horse owners. i am happy for him to be taken off the current property or he can stay where he is, current aggistment is $40 a week.he is leased with all his hear, which includes bridles, 2 saddles (western and swinging fender), brushes, blankets, etc. the leaser is responsible for all caring costs (his farrier, dentist and worming, etc)please no time wasters. must be able to afford $50 a week plus mitchells upkeep expenses and must be experienced with horsesplease call, text or email methank you

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... an extremely talented and educated <span class='highlight'>horse</span> trained by a 3* rider. ...  ... extension. not suited for a <span class='highlight'>beginner</span> rider. rocky had evented to ...

"Rocky" - Thoroughbred Gelding (Chestnut)

  • Age: 0y
  • Height: 0h
  • NSW
  • $8,000

Schoolmaster event or dressage price reduced due to lack of pastureschoolmaster event or dressagerocky 16.2hh, 14 year old thoroughbred gelding. located cobbitty nsw heartbreaking sale. i have finished uni and im now working long hours in a full time career.he deserves more than a weekend rider.i have owned rocky for 2.5 years, he is an extremely talented and educated horse trained by a 3* rider. he has taught me so much. he has a ground covering movement. he is often mistaken as a warmblood not your typical slight tb. he is training novice/ elementary dressage. has great movement and extension. not suited for a beginner rider. rocky had evented to eva 80 and schooled to eva95 with myself but has evented to eva105 with previous owners. he is bold on xc with the right rider. schooling sj up to 1m at home.rocky has been there done that, has competed at many odes, dressage comps, jump clubs and pony club events. rocky is not fazed by any new environment, and is not spooky or hot. he is a real dude to have around. he has a funny personality, no brush or jacket on the fence is safe. his coat is amazing, he doesnt get a winter coat and it glistens in the sun.easy to float in both straight load or angle. he will tie up at the float all day. he can be pulled out of the paddock after breaks without a trouble. i would love to see him with a confident rider to continue eventing, with more time than i have or in a nice dressage home.home is more important than the price. vet checks welcome he is 100% sound.plenty more videos available. 0403 920 230

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