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... private riding lessons from phoebe <span class='highlight'>free</span> of charge, (value $400).~ lifetime ...

"Jimna" - Thoroughbred Gelding (Bay)

  • Age: 8y
  • Height: 15h
  • QLD
  • $3,000

Jimna: placid, cuddly, sweet, confidence booster/beginners horse many photos etc on websitejimna comes with:~ full money back lifetime certificate of guarantee.~ x2 private riding lessons from phoebe free of charge, (value $400).~ lifetime re selling credit.~ lifetime professional daily support, lifetime framework tutoring &training courses tailor made to buyers needs.~ australian studbook registration information~ studbook brands & markings registration page~ full studbook pedigree chart~ full asb registration page & record.professional assessment results:jimna is a very placid, laid back, sweet natured boy. happy to stand around all day,very well mannered and respectful with his rider and handler.non spooky, great out on trails & rides, can ride out anywhere only only & lead bareback.great with traffic, horses going past, lovely placid paces, no need to even hold the reins at any pace.patient, sensible & sweet natured boy. awesome to do everything with.wash, transporting, hooves, tying up, etc etc. been there done that very sweet natured placid horse.rider suitability:anyone.colour: baywhite markiings: 1 white sock & white gelding.height: 15.2/3hh approx.age: 8yo.soundness: sound.conformation: thickset, gorgeous.washing: lovely to wash.grooming: goes to sleep while grooming.transporting: very experienced, loads, unloads and travels very quietly & patiently.tying up: very experienced, patient, goes to sleep.catching: great, comes to you and follows you around.handling hooves, shoeing & trimming: very well mannered & gentle, currently barefoot.lungeing: experienced but does not require lungeing prior to working, just jump on and go.does not need to be kept in regular work or to be lunged prior to riding to remain quiet to ride.worming: very good.rugging: very good, no need for halter.around dogs & other animals: experienced around dogs, sheep, goats, turkeys, wallabies & kangaroos, rabbits, large birds etcaround noisy machinery & trucks: very experienced around noisy machinery & trucks and traffic. great.saddling & bridling up: great.various riders: has been ridden by many different riders of various abilities easily.mounting & dismounting: awesome, very quiet, no need to hold at all, see video will stand all day.riding on a loose rein: see videos, ridden in all paces on a loose reinand also loose halter and lead bitless and at liberty, can ride on a loose flapping rein in all paces.exceptionally awesome to ride on a loose rein, rides well english or western style riding easily.riding on a tight rein: experienced being ridden on a tight rein with contact also. soft.riding on the bit: experienced being ridden on the bit.rider moving around in the saddle: very good.leading & handling: very placid & laid back, gentle.dressage: foundational. balanced in all paces. some on the bit work.trail riding: great on his own & in company, non spooky, very well mannered & easy to manage.can ride bitless, bareback halter & lead also out, see farmland riding: awesome, laid back & placid, can ride bareback halter & lead & at liberty also.riding bareback halter & lead: amazing. can ride anywhere, very well mannered and easy to manage.riding in groups: very good, very non reactive with horses going past etc.riding on own: very good, placid, non spooky, predictable, well mannered.paddocking in groups: experienced. very good with other horses, friendly.stabling: experienced. goodon own: experienced. good.hyped competition settings: experienced. very good.breed: purebred thoroughbred.registered: yes registered with the asb.branded / microchipped: yes.dna type recorded from birth: yeslife number recorded: yesdate of birth recorded: yes

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... needs practice and can be <span class='highlight'>free</span> lunged. he is green and ...

"Rebel JACK" - Ponies Gelding (Grey)

  • Age: 7y
  • Height: 13h
  • QLD
  • $2,500

Great allrounder ready to compete more! $2500! super cheap but only because i care about his home more than the money! you're more than welcome to get him vet checked.lots of videos available on request. priced to meet current market. very hard sale but i've grown out of him and want a new project.videos: g2ppaakjuc&t=3sdaqpqcw wo&t=6s_fb2gl8syyage: 7breed: anglo arab x paintheight: 13.8hhcolour: grey paintname: rebel jackcurrent training: green and forward moving but will get far and go places if he goes to the right home (i'm a beginner rider). can slide off his bum, vault on him, stand on his back ect. is a talented jumper and would make a great showjumper and sporting pony or even a great dressage pony.rider suitability: intermediate to experiencedgender: geldingsoundness: soundrj is a lovely gelding with a quirky character he is very handsome with great conformation. his dam was a chestnut anglo arab who is a top endurance horse in australia and his dad is a palomino paint horse. good doer and only gets a handful and a bit of grassy hay a night and then just grazes in the paddock.rj has 3 natural and expressive gaits and is always getting complimented. he has an elegant and perfect face. he is great to wash, groom, transport, tye up, catch and is great when handling hooves (shoeing and trimming included) curently only shod on front two but had storng hooves.good when lungeing lunges well, but does not require lungeing prior to working, just jump on and go, very good when worming, rugging and good around other animals.he is great to saddle and can be ridden in paddock no problems. he has been ridden in only a neckrope but needs practice and can be free lunged. he is green and can be forward moving but just needs more experience that's all and then he'd make a great allrounder!i am a beginner/intermediate and have been riding 2 3 years and i am handling him fine but . he has jumped 1.10m and cleared it by miles but needs more practice. he has been to an open showjumping day and left with two amazing clear rounds! he did not step a foot wrong.he is a quick learner and is always super eager to learn!he has a microchip and is fully hendra vaccinated.

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... re selling and swapping options, <span class='highlight'>free</span> daily professional support, matching, guidance ...

"Amelia" - Australian Stockhorse Mare (Buckskin)

  • Age: 15y
  • Height: 14h
  • QLD
  • $3,000

Amelia: sweet, quiet, experienced, buckskin confidence booster amelia: sweet, quiet, experienced, buckskin confidence booster for sale: $3000category: quiet riding horsesamelia comes with:~full money back lifetime certificate of guarantee.~lifetime re selling credit.~lifetime professional daily support, lifetime framework tutoring &training courses tailor made to amelia & to buyers needs.rider suitability: beginners & up.professional assessment results: amelia is a been there done that gorgeous horse. been ridden by beginners, done trail riding, years and miles of riding and used as a pickup horse at every rodeo in vic, happy to just poke along on trail rides, loves to be ridden and do stuff. current professional valuation: $6,000, so a bargain at $3000 breed: stock horsevices: nonesoundness: 100% soundhealth: well & healthy.age: 15yosex: mareheight: 14.3hh approxcolour: buckskin movement: comfortable, smooth, soft.conformation: gorgeous transporting: been transported around her whole life, very good.hooves: goodworming: goodsaddling up: goodbridling up: goodwashing: goodbrushing: goodrugging: goodcatching: goodriding manners: very experienced and obedient. been there done that, no fuss horse.ground manners & leading: very experienced, well mannered, no fuss. nature: loves being ridden and doing something, no nasty at all, sweet.tie up: very goodspecial feed requirements: none, good doer.special work requirements: none. lunging requirements: none. but lunges well.pace inclinations: happy to just poke along. obedient, normal.special gear requirements: none.attitude towards people: enjoys people. friendly.attitude towards other horses: good. fine in a group or on her own.location: clarendon, vicalso many other quiet riding horses & ponies for sale at all times australia wide all states,all come with money back guarantees, re selling and swapping options, free daily professional support, matching, guidance and tutoring services and much more.all current horses & ponies for sale are always listed here: horses for salethis page is kept current to the minute.all enquiries welcomed :)phoebe trindall:w: www.horsesaleshub.come: horsesaleshub@hotmail.comp: 0434 372 690

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