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... private riding lessons from phoebe <span class='highlight'>free</span> of charge, (value $400).~ lifetime ...

"Angel" - Thoroughbred Mare (Bay)

  • Age: 6y
  • Height: 15h
  • QLD
  • $3,000

Angel: placid, sweet, experienced, confidence booster/ beginners horse angel: placid, sweet, experienced, confidence booster / beginners horse for sale: $3000payment plans available on all our horses.angel's videos:taken monday: 02 / 04 / angel mounting & dismounting out on road ride unheld.jijsdtrbam&list=plid2f65md9kqggbiz4217q6fgzkurclep&index=2video: angel out on a road ride.wgxf77chww&index=3&list=plid2f65md9kqggbiz4217q6fgzkurclepvideo: angel ridden bareback halter & lead out for road ride.jnym_ykf8s&index=1&list=plid2f65md9kqggbiz4217q6fgzkurclepvideo: angel ridden at liberty, no gear, large open paddock.w9sixeayws&list=plid2f65md9kqggbiz4217q6fgzkurclep&index=6video: angel trotting road ride loose rein, past slashing tractor.dvdtccuwoy&index=4&list=plid2f65md9kqggbiz4217q6fgzkurclepvideo: angel cantering, road ride, other horses taking off, into trot loose rein.gs73lzbl0k&list=plid2f65md9kqggbiz4217q6fgzkurclep&index=5angel comes with:~ full money back lifetime certificate of guarantee.~ x2 private riding lessons from phoebe free of charge, (value $400).~ lifetime re selling credit.~ lifetime professional daily support, lifetime framework tutoring &training courses tailor made to buyers needs.~ australian studbook registration information~ studbook brands & markings registration page~ full studbook pedigree chart~ full asb registration page & record.professional assessment results: angel is so sweet and cuddly, amazing with cattle, dogs jumping and running round her, scary new environments, trucks, highway traffic, trucks, tractors, etc. amazingly non spooky around tractors starting up right behind her, cattle being mustered right next to her, dogs jumping out of bushes next to her etc.laid back vey placid darling horse. happy to stand around all day or plod along casually out on a ride.instills alot of confidence in her rider. very cuddly and personable sweet natured girl.awesome to ride no gera at all at liberty and responds and turns to a finger touch,halter & lead bareback bitless, western or english signals,adapts to her rider well.gentle with young toddlers and children around her.a very gentle natured mare.lovely to do everything with, likes to interact aot with her rider and handler,puts her head in for a cuddle, puts her nose gently on your arm or shoulder softly to ask for something.respectful, kind, gentle, sweet and a true angel of a horse!professional valuation: $10,000, (so a bargain at $3000).rider suitability:very good for beginners and very nervy riders. but suitable for all.colour: bay, gorgeous long black mane & forelock. sex: marewhite markings: white star, stripe & snip, 3 white socks. height: 15.2/3hh approx age: turning 6yo.soundness: sound.vices: vice free.conformation: gorgeous looking horse with her white markings, black legs, long black mane & forelock, and really pretty shaped girly face. washing: loves a wash and hose. grooming: loves to be pampered & groomed.transporting: loads, travels and unloads perfectly, quietly and gently. very quiet and very experienced traveller. tying up: perfect, very experienced, including cross ties and general.catching: perfect. friendly, comes to you. handling hooves, shoeing & trimming: very experienced, good black hooves,fine barefoot or shoed, currently barefoot. lungeing: very experienced and good but does not require lungeing prior to working, just jump on and go.does not need to be kept in regular work or to be lunged prior to riding to remain quiet to ride.can leave unridden for as long as you like and then just jump on and ride. worming: perfect. no fuss. rugging: very good, no need for halter. no fuss. around dogs & other animals: amazingly non spooky and experienced around cattle, dogs, sheep, goats, turkeys, wallabies & kangaroos, rabbits, large birds etc, awesome, very placid, been there done that unflappable horse.around noisy machinery & trucks: amazingly non spooky even with tractors starting up 'right behind her unexpectedly.absolutely awesome even on highways next to massive trucks going past at top speedsshe doesn't even blink an eyelid.saddling & bridling up: she is very funny when she see's the saddle and bridle she will walk over and gently put her nose on it,asking for you to put it on. when you pick up the bridle she will come closer and try to help you put it on. various riders: has been ridden by many, many different riders of various abilities & ages easily and has a longterm reputation for being very quiet to ride. mounting & dismounting: awesome, stands still, no need to even hold. see video mounting and dismounting. riding on a loose rein: excellent, happy to quietly float along slowly and softly,gentle, comfortable paces, can ride all paces on loose rein easily.also great loose halter and lead bitless, and can also be ridden at liberty. riding on a tight rein: experienced being ridden on a tight rein with contact also. lovely and soft, gentle & easy to manage. riding on the bit: experienced being ridden on the bit. lovely and soft. rider moving around in the saddle: experienced, great. leading & handling: very placid, soft, quiet, sensible, steady and sweet, very non spooky. dressage: foundational, balanced in all paces. trail, farm & road riding out: awesome, very non spooky & placid, can ride in a halter & lead bitless out, very sweet, soft, gentle & quiet.riding bareback halter & lead: as good as in full gear. soft & gentle. sweet, placid and calm, easy to manage, can trail, farm & road ride etc halter & lead bareback. riding in groups: very good, non reactive to other horses going past her fast, very sensible. riding on own: great, very non spooky, see videos. paddocking in groups: experienced. good with other horses, friendly. stabling: experienced. good on own: experienced. good. hyped competition settings: experienced, good. breed: purebred thoroughbred. registered: yes registered with the asb. branded / microchipped: yes. dna type recorded from birth: yes life number recorded: yes date of birth recorded: yes location: south east sales hub international:~our recent reviews & feedback feedback~our current horses for sale: horses for sale~relationship based training: based training~horse sales hub international is anethical equine sellers international accredited seller yourself to our database: (to be notified of horses immediately as they become available): me to database form~more about us: us our processesfor further information contact us: horse sales hub international:w: www.horsesaleshub.come: horsesaleshub@hotmail.comp: 0434 372 690a: south east qld, national & international.fb: horse face book:

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... horses reflects the quality. feel <span class='highlight'>free</span> to call me regarding impact ...

"Highborn Total Impact" - Miniatures COLT (Bay)

  • Age: 1y
  • Height: 7h
  • QLD
  • $3,000

Bay leopard colt...stunning highborn total impact... impact is 31.5" tall...dob..8/11/16. registered with imhr & amr impact is a stunning boy & very friendly, just loves his cuddles & comes running when called, backs up for bum scratches,he has such a gentle nature, he is just beautiful!! ideal for a child to handle & show especially in halter & performance he has such a wonderful nature for children. i am happy to discuss his sale price gelded, i am very negotaible on this. i have recently showed him & he won his classes, he is doing very well!! his sire is part welsh & a fewspot (100% appy producer) is is in the last picture, he is 35" tall, he tends to throw to the height of the mare his dam is a bay ( in photos) & she is 31" 32" tall. impact would be perfect for show, stud or pet as he certainly has the nature! he has a beautiful conformation & a lovely high neck set, he is correct in the teeth, legs etc. i am only selling him as i have his father & he is too closely related to my mares. impact certainly stands out in the paddock!! this little man would be an assett to anyone as he has such a kind nature to other horses & people. i just cant get good photos of this little boy, he is sooo much better than the photos, welcome to come & see for yourself. i have had mini horses for over 10 years now and the price of my horses reflects the quality. feel free to call me regarding impact or any other horses i have for sale.

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