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... for him to move his <span class='highlight'>horses</span> on. lily is one of ...  ... that we match the right <span class='highlight'>horse</span> for the right rider . ...

"Ultimate One (LILY) " - Quarter Horse Mare (Coloured)

  • Age: 13y
  • Height: 15h
  • NSW
  • $4,000

Very lovely paint mare with a very quiet and kind nature ultimate one (lily) is a very lovely paint mare with a very quiet and kind nature. she has been carrying her owner (at the young age of 70 plus) on the trails for the past few years, but it is time for him to move his horses on. lily is one of 2 mares that are available. there is nothing difficult about her, she may not suit a total beginner, but certainly very close. she does need a rider who rides light on the reins. that’s it, the only request. good to c/f/s. goes better with shod at front.she is registered and would also suit breeding. she is up to date with worming and feet. there are no known health issues.a sweet quiet and sensible mare.pmb is a boutique training establishment based in the blue mountains . we buy and sell very few horses, but what we do we aim for quality. it is very important to us that we match the right horse for the right rider . in order to not waste time, simply give us a call if you are interested. please read the ad carefully – we try to include all information that we can. vet checks are welcome at any stage. if the horse has seen a vet recently, we will tell you and you are more than welcome to any information the vet may have. yes, you are covered by dept of fair trading when you deal with us. if we tell you the horse is not suitable for you, it is because we believe so. we put too much work into our horses for it to go wrong. contact allie 0428 761 254 e:

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... - stock x quarter gelding <span class='highlight'>horse</span> for sale gorgeous stock x ...

"Bruno" - Quarter Horse Gelding (Brown)

  • Age: 10y
  • Height: 16h
  • QLD
  • $3,950

Bruno - stock x quarter gelding horse for sale gorgeous stock x quarter gelding horse for sale (to a good home only)this is a very regretful sale as bruno means the world to us, but he needs more time than i can give. he is worth so much more but i don't want to make money on him nor do i want to give him away for free. i learned how to ride on him and kept riding for a long time but now i just don't have the time (haven't ridden him for a few months). he is absolutely gorgeous, he comes to you when you call his name or whistle from the end of the paddock. bruno always has a good old chat with you when you come to give him food or just out for a play. he loves cuddles and snacking on green apples. bruno knows how to walk, canter and gallop exceptionally, his stature is one of a kind. he has done some jumping with me as well, no competitions just at home. he is the quiet horse everyone dreams of, he will suit any rider level; beginner, novice, intermediate, you name it. bruno has been trained extremely well, you need to be a boss with every horse but with bruno, you'll find one little tap or pull, and he knows what you're asking him to do. **he is very good with dogs and other animals. he used to have 2 minis and a donkey with him but now he just hangs out with dogs.**if you have any questions or are interested in purchasing a float as well, let me know as i am selling one too.**all of his jumpers, coats and riding gear is included.**if you need a float, i am selling one too can negotiate a better deal if you buy bruno & the float. you can check out the float on: floats ...t for sale.html**very regretful sale**$3,950.00 negotiable please give me a call if you are interested (he will only go to a good home). 0410571403

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