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... ride on this horse including <span class='highlight'>kids</span> as young as 1 years ...

"Mitchel" - All Rounders Gelding (Coloured)

  • Age: 0y
  • Height: 0h
  • NSW
  • $50

For lease for leaseonce in a lifetime opportunity! mitchel is a 15.2hh black and white overo gelding. registered paint horse with great breeding. he is 11yrs old and is the perfect allrounder. he has done it all, jumps, sports, pony club, western pleasure, camp drafting, reining, etc etc. absolutley bomb proof! have taught many beginners to ride on this horse including kids as young as 1 years old sitting up on his back, his a really laid back slow and steady western horse. just lope around the paddock on a loose rein, or put an experienced rider on him and get him to pick up the pace. a real gentleman with a rocking horse canter, you can just fall asleep on him. you can stand on his back, slide off his rump, walk between his legs. absolutley no faults other than he doesn't really like the dentist, but who does? no buck, bolt, rear, kick, bite. absolutley nothing. have owned this horse for 4 years and never had an issue, have competed on him and placed and won a lot. a really rare opportunity to lease a one in a million horse. a one in a million horse!! hence why i cannot sell him. i am offering him up for lease as i am working and studying at university, so i do not have the time for him. i am planning to study abroad so am looking for a long term lease with a trustworthy and loving family.mitchell has been with me for 5 years now, he has done it all! pony club, ompetitions in western, reining, dressage, lead, hack, etc. you name it, he has done it. been trail riding on the beach, ridden in traffic, has worked with cattle. nothing phases this horse. he will do anything you ask and he will do it well. he is a gentle giant, loves smooches, and loves a nice slow relaxing ride. he is great to shoe, clip, float, rug, worm, etc. he holds his condition well, you basically dont have to feed him and he will still be fat! he is great for any rider, beginner to advanced. wherever you go he will catch everyones eyes, won a lot of stuff on this boy.looking for an experienced home only, must be well knowledged horse owners. i am happy for him to be taken off the current property or he can stay where he is, current aggistment is $40 a week.he is leased with all his hear, which includes bridles, 2 saddles (western and swinging fender), brushes, blankets, etc. the leaser is responsible for all caring costs (his farrier, dentist and worming, etc)please no time wasters. must be able to afford $50 a week plus mitchells upkeep expenses and must be experienced with horsesplease call, text or email methank you

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... an experienced home great with <span class='highlight'>kids</span>  15'3  is currently ...  ... had all 4 of my <span class='highlight'>kids</span> try to learn to ride ...

"Gambel" - Quarter Horse Gelding (Palomino)

  • Age: 13y
  • Height: 15h
  • QLD
  • $4,800

One in a million- perfect trail/pleasure horse fantastic trail horse 'gambel'located jimboomba areaabsolutely heart breaking sale � due to no fault of his own i'm left with no other option but to sell my � horse. information: gelding foaled 10/08/05 palamino worming up to date teeth are due in a month but no issues with teeth is a bit soft footed so his boots will go with him but other than that good hooves 2in1 up to date easy to catch self loads, absolute dream to float i learned to ride off him but prefer an experienced home great with kids 15'3 is currently recovering from some kind of wasp or hornet bite on his hind leg. he's just a bit sore still from it but will recover in a week or so. *update has recovered mostly but is a bit stiff in the hind from favouring the bitten leg for a few weeks so will have chiro asap but will make full recovery**gambel is the perfect trail riding horse. he's happy to go by himself for a whole day or in a group. he's level headed and more woah than go. he's had all 4 of my kids try to learn to ride on him and he practically falls asleep! we have been to a clinic and an open day that involved doing a lot of obstacles and he was great. if you ask him correctly then he will try his hardest to pls. he has been our only horse and has no issues of being the only horse in the paddock but of course its always nicer if he does get a companion. i don't think he would be suited to a full on competition life. he is more suited to someone that is happy to ride on weekends and a couple of times during the week out on the trails so i prefer him not to go to a home that expects him to compete all the time.* edit* * more info gambel has been taught neck reining and seat position cues. he knows basic leg aids.. he is soft mouthed. he has gotten better with his transitions. he needs work with his backing up and also with his canter; hence why i prefer him to go to an experienced home. he gets fresh if he is not ridden in 2 weeks or more so even if he is ridden for an hr once every 2 weeks he would be fine but i don't think he is suited to not being ridden or at least worked for long periods of time. ('fresh' is him just being more full of beans so he is easier to get up and go. i usually just lunge him for 5 mins before a ride if i haven't ridden him for a while just to get rid of that excess energy)***gambel is just an absolute pleasure. he has done mustering with his previous owner and that really doesn't surprise me because he just suits that type of lifestyle. i would love for him to go to a home that has a lot of land and a companion. he certainly deserves it. he is the type of horse that you have him until the end and i want to find him a home that has the mentality of looking for a 'forever horse'. the price may be negotiable but his home is not.i have some videos available so if you are serious and think you suit him pls pm me. asking $4800serious buyers only. txt first pls or email.

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