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... sound and sweet ... prefers <span class='highlight'>kids</span> over adults ... but is ...

"LUCY" - Australian Stockhorse Mare (Bay)

  • Age: 0y
  • Height: 0h
  • NSW
  • $2,000

Perfect trail horse! lucy ... 6yrs 14.1 h unreg stock mare.i do have videos of riding please pm me for them! on behalf off owner two thousand.lucy story.... lucy was found by her owner when she had been left in a group agist paddock... she was underweight , had rain scald and feet had not been done in 6 mnths. current owner took pity on her found the previous owner and bought her .she then proceed to get her up to date w everything... feet , teeth, vacc and feed.lucy began to thrive.but already owning two other horses lucy was sent to me for assessment and sale .pros .... lucy was restarted and ridden out on trails where she thrives ... super brave , huge walk , no shy , even tried her w a novice 13yrs old girl with no problems on the trail ... she is happy to lead or bring up the rear ... she hasn't shown to have any dirt under saddle .. worst she has done is to stop and swish her tail. in saying that ... in the vid i am riding and i'm much to tall at 6'4 ... but due to her unknown history we wanted to make sure she is height makes it difficult for both off us to balance ! esp in canter.cons ... lucy biggest fault is on the ground... she is fine to brush and care for ... but when leading she has learnt to escape if she dosent want to do something e.g. worming ... so she will need a dually halter or to be led in a bridle for a while ... she does solid tie ... she travels well in the float but can be tricky to load. lucy is sound and sweet ... prefers kids over adults ... but is green on the flat .she would be a great first project for someone wanting to train up a horse that is already started.she hasn't been tried on cows as far as we know ...she dosent get attach to other horses .. and have watched her try to round up my dogs ! but is great w other horses and joined my herd w zero problems.would love to find lucy a great new home where she will be looked after and treasured ... she has alot off potential as she foot sure and brave... the sky's the limit.plz pm me for any info or if u would like to meet her... she is located in maraylya 2765thanks nicole contact trainer nicole on facebook link below or contact kaila 0450534759 bortolussi ...21849074535209/

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  • Updated over a month ago

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