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... guaranteed.all our horses come with <span class='highlight'>free</span> professional support, tuition, programmes & ...  ... horses come with x 2 <span class='highlight'>free</span> riding lessons valued at $ ...

"Horse Sales HUB" - All Rounders Gelding (Grey)

  • Age: 7y
  • Height: 15h
  • QLD
  • $3,000

Quiet riding horses for sale every week for set price of $3000 quiet riding horses for sale every week for set price of $3000, all money back guaranteed.all our horses come with free professional support, tuition, programmes & help.all our horses are interchangeable, or we can re sell your horse for you.all our horses have at least 2 years experience in an established ridden career.all our horses come with x 2 free riding lessons valued at $ sales hub explainedhsh is different, setting a higher benchmark for sellers nationally & internationally by formalizing the horse buying process, including formal & professional support services, education programmes, certificates of guarantee, private lessons & remote tutoring, exchanging and re selling services, and also developed the ethical equine sellers code of conduct which holds sellers accountable for their practices and processes.the equine trading market is a tricky one and has been tainted over many years with most buyers getting burnt from unethical sellers trying to make a quick buck. not to mention sellers getting burnt by buyers doing the wrong thing by horses purchased and then blaming sellers.hsh has changed these 2 areas of concern with their processes and in a marketplace where buyer satisfaction is struggling to reach 30% consistently have an over 90% buyer satisfaction rate in stark contrast, with buyers buying up to 6 horses, referring friends and family and leaving very positive reviews.hsh is doing things very differently & below are these differences explained.access to large numbers of quality career established horses nationally at all times:the reason hsh is able to sell only quiet and well educated horses week in and week out is the large access to hundreds of horses nationally at all times.this allows hsh to hand select the elite best 10% approx of the best on offer.hsh is not simply selling horses they are stuck with, like other sellers.this allows hsh to be picky, to only sell career established quiet riding horses whose histories are traceable, branded and or microchipped etc.assessment process:hsh horses selected are then professionally assessed, but rather than working these horses in, lungeing, putting them on cooling feed etc etc, as is the common practice of others, hsh does the opposite.hsh feeds them up on hot feed, does not allow time to settle in or get to know the rider, are ridden in an unsettled and fresh state and video'd during this assessment process, which videos are the videos presented in the horses' advertisements.these videos are of the first ride on these horses in this fresh state. we do not ride or work in horses before videoing them at all, (except if pix are requested of horses first for select clients), buyers see hsh horses at their worst, not their best. this is the opposite approach to other when buyers get horses home, get to know them properly and settle them in they end up with a horse that is actually miles better than the one they saw in the videos.buyer support, help, tutoring & programmes free:it wasn't long after we started selling horses years ago that we realised the need for settling in programmes to be provided, along with help, free tutoring, guidance and professional support.buyers were making the same common, easily corrected, mistakes with every horse they bought and just going from horse to horse before hsh introduced these programmes.hsh buyers also get x 2 free hands on riding lessons with phoebe trindall, who has been providing paid professional riding lessons for approx 30 years and is highly sought after for her equine advice and tuition.these buyers get this professional support free ongoing, so the actual cost of purchasing a horse is soon regained from all the free tuition & support sales hub horse jobs & careers:hsh is uniquely placed in the equine community to be able to refer and place clients in equine jobs nationally & internationally.hsh will only refer clients who have received their training, (which is free, and accessed by adding selves to hsh database free), so if you are on the hsh database and looking for paid equine employment feel free to contact us and we may be able to refer you to prospective employers as a client who has quality education.w: www.horsesaleshub.come: horsesaleshub@hotmail.comp: 0434 372 690qld, national, & international.

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